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Our Values

We guarantee it to our customers, we ask it from our partners, it is part of our founding values.
It’s the ability to collect the stylist's requests, making them effective and concrete.
We know how to adapt our production and our skills to the needs of each individual project and customer.
We embrace innovative processes, we are attentive to the technological developments of our sector and we combine innovation with tradition, to satisfy our customers.
The character that guides us is the one of our territory: Romagna.

We are stubborn, ambitious and successful.

It distinguishes us and guides us.

He has been following us for over 30 years and is the strength to face all new projects.

The one of our customers: almost 100 in over 30 years.

Ours: no less than 300,000 clothes produced, respecting the times and requests of our customers.

But also, the ability to produce an entire collection in just one week.