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The production process


Our company is able to meet the needs of our customers, from the design and verification of initial feasibility, up to the complete realization of the collection.

All these phases (or only some of them, on request) are part of a flexible production process, adaptable and modifiable for any type of processing.


Meet the customer, view the sketches, share the timing and methods of execution. Feasibility and wearability study. Evaluation of any special processes that we are able to manage in house.


Creation of patterns, prototypes with contextual analysis of the feasibility, with particular attention to the quantification of material consumption and production costs.


In our large and equipped testing room (or directly by the customer), the yield of the prototypes is assessed, and any defects are eliminated.


After defining the production, analysing the defined consumption and costs, we proceed to the creation of a series of samples.


Adequate spaces, competent staff and many years of experience allow us to manage the entire production chain up to the realization of the production which can take place on a manufacturing or commercial basis.