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The Story


Antonella Solaroli’s passion for fashion was transformed in 1986 into Dossa Esse, a production company that has the essence of its mission in its territorial roots::


The path of Donna Esse is characterized by the courage to know how to innovate and renew.

In the early 90s, the company was a small reality rooted in the territory but far from large international markets and technologically advanced production processes.
The winning challenge is to create a complete internal supply chain able to interpret the indications of the stylists, constantly monitor resources, quality and production costs.

Starting in the 2000s, the digitalization of processes allowed the designers' sketches to be transformed into technical drawings, speeding up times and streamlining processes.

In this direction, the company implements its potential by enriching itself with modern and effective product development skills.

In 2015, with this objective, Millimetri s.r.l. was born, a tailoring laboratory that manages the packaging and which therefore reinforces and completes the internal supply chain.

In over 30 years of business, Donna Esse has made more than 300,000 clothes, has stored about 22,000 models in its database for a total of about 750,000 meters of fabric.

2020 represents an important milestone for Donna Esse: the historic location is growing, the spaces increase with the intention of welcoming new challenges, keeping up with the times, alongside technology with tradition and unchanged passion.